Featured Artist

Julia Crozier


Our Featured Artist

Julia Crozier

Music, science, literature, and experiences with people and nature all help to form ideas to become art.

Julia Crozier is an artist who has been painting and drawing all of her life, mostly living near the Mississippi River in Minnesota but always drawing inspiration from wherever she is living or traveling. Julia’s mediums and styles have varied considerably throughout the years. As a young girl, she started painting watercolors outdoors with her father Larry Veeder, a professional painter.  She attended college at The Saint Paul School of Associated Arts in the late 1970s.   Although watercolor was the preferred medium then, she started using ink, chalk, and acrylics in school.

For the last twenty years, she has worked extensively in oil pastels, oil painting, and printmaking with linoleum cuts. Julia has always enjoyed switching mediums and styles but has consistently worked with an emphasis on black lines against color. Her work ranges from stylized and traditional landscapes to a variety of different abstract styles.

Landscapes from the river, bluff, and woodland stomping grounds are a constant source of interest as well as favorite places that Julia travels to. Local bluff country, western canyon country, prairies, and Scotland have been places that Julia has been privileged to experience and interpret into art. All of these places and experiences help to create a story and a way to look at a specific place or idea in a deeper way.

Julia Crozier Artwork

At Blue Heron July 18 – September 11, 2023

Opening Reception July 21, 6-8 pm

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507 – 474 – 6879


A small sampling of Julia Crozier’s work

Her beautiful collection is currently displayed at Blue Heron

Julia has notecards and small reproductions for sale at Blue Heron. For inquiries about purchasing artwork on the walls, please contact Julia.
Julie Crozier Artwork
Julie Crozier Artwork
Julie Crozier Artwork

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